A Slice of Eastern Europe

Erin Lavan |
Food And Dining

Germany-born Alexander Ringleb has always been captivated with the hospitality industry. As a youngster, he helped his aunt to plan and host sensational celebrity events, affairs, and parties at her hotel in Vienna. He instantly became fascinated and enamored with the industry and decided that this was his life’s calling. He moved to Miami in 2000 and opened Europa Deli and Market in March 2014. DiningOut sat down with him this spring one month after opening.


DiningOut: What was your motivation for opening Europa in this neighborhood?

Alex Ringleb: I wanted to be South of Fifth and offer something for the tourists as well as the workers here. There is a huge Eastern European population in Miami Beach, and I am able to keep prices low because they frequent my market. 


DO: What is the most popular item? 

AR: No. 18 - The Belkin. It's a flatbread from Serbia and I have a Serbian cook who makes the bread. We're the only place that sells it, and we also do delivery. We also have figs, cold cuts, meats, preserves, spreads, and 70 different beers from several different countries. 


DO: What about desserts? 

AR: I have a German baker in Fort Lauderdale, a Hungarian baker in Hollywood, and Italian bakers in Doral. We do German forest cake, Napoleons, puff pastries—which you've got to try!—and lots of other desserts. Our breads are amazing—we do sunflower seed, double crust rye bread, gluten-free dark German breads ...


DO: Do you have anything special for Father’s Day or other upcoming occasions? 

AR: We do beautiful baskets with prosecco, smoked salmon, pastries, breads, and fresh fruit … oh, and you have to try our oils! Truffle oils ...