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What's your favorite cookbook and why?

Chef Miriam Ramirez of Quattro Caffe

The book “Living a Beautiful Life” by Alexandra Stoddard is the one I credit for my love of the art of food. It may not be a cookbook per se, but its message spoke to me and to how I cook. The book focuses on the three main rooms in one’s home: the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. In the kitchen, you can remain true to foods and all that comes with it. Keeping it simple and uncomplicated is my main focus in food preparation, so you can see why I love this book. Ultimately, my goal is to prepare a meal by harmonizing the right ingredients and top-quality products to help guests enjoy the time they spend at Quattro Caffe.

Chef Marco Romero of Starfish Laguna Beach

I like most "Essential Asian" cookbooks. I love to be exposed to colors, ingredients, ideas, and techniques that are traditional to the Asian cultures. The "Essential Asian” cookbooks give me inspiration from all the different countries of Asia, and information on how ingredients differ across those regions. With inspiration found from Thai, Korean, and Indian cooking, I can translate traditional dishes into food that works for an American palate, while still referencing the native culture and tradition in the food.

Chef Craig Connole of Big Fish and K'ya-Casa Camino Resort

My favorite cook book is “Larousse Gastronomique.” I have been using it since I first started cooking. It has everything; it's the ultimate food encyclopedia.