Table for Ten Chef Profile: Guillaume Stephan

Culinary Personalities

This small, family-owned business is founded upon the belief that all things are possible. Owners Raffi and Tiffany Sepetjian made it their goal to create an authentic, French-inspired boulangerie, with many of the wonderful items they have grown to love from their travels in France. They set out to find the most skilled artisan bakers and pastry chefs in France to work with talented local chefs to produce superior artisan products.
Pandor highlights a hybrid of sweet and savory, French-inspired baked goods; the bread and pastry products illustrate traditional French recipes and Viennoiserie baking techniques (using yeast-leavened dough to create rich, sweet creations like croissants and brioche), while savory menu items, like quiche and panini, exhibit a wealth of Mediterranean flavors.

Among several highly-acclaimed experts, Pandor highlights their Viennoiserie baker, Guillaume Stephan. Born in Bretagne, France, he’s always had a passion for baking. After earning a degree in Lycee, France, he worked for boutique bakeries in the French Alps, focusing on Viennoiserie technique. Now at Pandor, Stephan elevates each recipe with the world’s finest imported French butter in order to achieve the best flavor. Stephan makes all his dough from scratch, and ensures that every product is produced with skill and passion.

Pandor is thrilled to bring artisan pastries to the Newport and Belmont Shore communities.