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The famed story of Gallagher’s begins in 1927 in New York City when the now famous speakeasy first opened its doors, serving the neighborhood secret supplies of booze alongside world-class cuts of prime, dry-aged steaks. Needless to say, the restaurant was a hidden success, and when Prohibition was abolished in 1933, nobody was terribly surprised when the restaurant continued to thrive; though it became a haven for liquor, it was also a go-to for some of the best food in Philly. It was about 70 years later on New Years Eve 2005 that Ark Restaurants opened Gallagher’s new location inside Resorts Casino Hotel. This is a true testament to the power of a good meal and valuable history—not to mention a concept that never goes out of style.

The interior design of the restaurant certainly harkens back to the old NYC location, but was created to have a much more sophisticated ambience. Large tables with elegant stemware run alongside red leather booths highlighted with dark wood paneling. Polished brass fixtures and trim reflect photos of countless celebrities on the walls, one of the few remaining stylistic artifacts of the old haunt. All in all, it’s the epitome of a classic American steakhouse—classically chic and tremendously tasteful, evoking a powerful sense of refinement.

The steaks themselves are something just as provocative to behold. Every cut at Gallagher’s is passed through the tried and true dry-aging system. All of the USDA Prime cuts are taken to a special temperature and humidity-controlled room and aged for 21 to 28 days. The result is the most succulent, tender, and flavorful steak available on the entire Atlantic City strip. The aging room is even housed behind thick glass walls, so that guests can see the cuts during their aging process and marvel at the abundance and variety.

But don’t be fooled, Gallagher’s has much more to offer besides their world-famous steaks. Delectable and simple seafood entrées and appetizers are abundant. King Crab Legs, Australian Lobster Tail, and Colossal Lump Crab Cocktail are a few of the options that are proudly served alongside their legendary steaks.

Even if your evening requires a less formal and more modern take on dinner, Gallagher’s has got you covered. Just across the hall from the Steakhouse resides Gallagher’s Burger Bar. Their modern lounge and expansive bar offers the classic tastes of Gallagher’s in a more casual and relaxed setting, serving the best burgers and most inspired cocktails in the area. The bottom line is, if you love Gallagher’s, you’ll love Gallagher’s Burger Bar.

Ark Restaurants' newest venture, Broadway Burger Bar, is sure to strike similar notes of affection with guests at their location in the Quarter at The Tropicana. This exciting new venue is modeled off the hyper-successful Las Vegas location, featuring adult milkshakes, a macaroni and cheese bar, a mashed potato bar, and truly artistic burgers made from beef ground in house daily and fired up on an open grill.

Regardless of which of the Ark Restaurants venues calls your name, the concepts all bounce back to the core principals that have guided the success of Gallagher’s Steakhouse since its opening: know your clientele, serve a timeless product in a consistent way, and provide your guests a well-refined and fun atmosphere in which to experience their meal. These simple virtues are oft forgotten in the tumultuous restaurant industry, so it's nice to know there’s a true haven resting in the heart of Atlantic City.