Chef Roundtable

Culinary Personalities

John Stritzinger of Del Frisco's

I would have to say Bobby Flay—for a couple of reasons. First, I'm a steakhouse guy. It's what I've done for 16 years now. He's all about straightforward, no-nonsense "steak and potatoes" recipes with a lot of kick and powerful flavors, so we do things very similarly here. I've also got a lot of respect for him. He keeps it simple. I'd probably go up against him with one of our Bone-In Double Eagle Prime Strips with a sweet-and-spicy chipotle barbecue sauce on the side and a maybe a foie gras or a red wine-goat cheese compound butter.


Ray Reid of La Veranda

Gordon Ramsay, no question. You can hate him if you want, but you have to respect the guy. His energy level and work ethic put him above the rest. Even though my training is mostly Italian and French, and my background is primarily in seafood, I'd still love to challenge him. Since his training is mostly in English cuisine, I would put together a knockout Shepherd's Pie.


Elias Medina of L'Oceano

I would take on Emeril. He's a great cook and I respect his work a lot. I like that he has a background in French cuisine and that he loves to cook with bold flavors. Going up against a master like him would be difficult to say the least, but I think I would just try to stay simple. Maybe a perfectly cooked and seasoned Branzino alongside some homemade gnocchi would do the trick.


Bon Siu of Mustard Greens

To tell you the truth, I don't really watch competitive cooking shows anymore. I feel like cooking is such a subjective art form that the idea of judging it seems pointless. Something that one person loves another might dislike. It's all relative. That being said, I would love to cook alongside Masaharu Morimoto because I'm a big fan of his technique and he puts a lot of pride and integrity into the food he creates.