What We're R(eat)ing

Erin Jackson |
Food And Dining

Kirbie’s Cravings {kirbiecravings.com}

Jennifer Lee says she probably has Nutella running through her veins, and with close to 100 recipes featuring the chocolate and hazelnut spread, it seems entirely possible. You’ll also find recipes for mug cakes here, Asian dishes, and restaurant reviews complete with mouth-watering photos.

Convoy Conquest {convoyconquest.blogspot.com}

Miko and Jenne are on a mission to eat at every restaurant along Convoy—whether it’s assembling a crew to conquer a Chinese buffet, or ripping into a fat slice of honey toast. Restaurants get an overall rating, with notations about servers’ suggestions, noise level, and total cost, so you can strategize your own meal.

Kitchen Konfidence {kitchenkonfidence.com}

Brandon Matzek inspires home cooks with inventive recipes like Bacon Jam Hand Pies and Watermelon-Rosemary-Infused Vodka. And while you’ll find lots of healthy ideas for vegetables, dessert is clearly Brandon’s favorite course, with over 40 sweet recipes (and counting) to tempt his readers.

Life and Food {lifeandfoodblog.com}

Antonio and Kristin Díaz de Sandi share culinary adventures and explore their heritage through the culture, cuisine, and people on both sides of the now San Diego border. It's deliciously cosmopolitan.

Jinxi Eats {jinxieats.com}

Minxi Rao has moved three times since starting her restaurant review and recipe blog, so her coverage ranges from Durham, N.C. to Berkeley and San Diego. Many reviews focus on affordable eats, so it’s a great resource for anyone who is perpetually hungry—and on a budget.