Chef Roundtable

Culinary Personalities

Chef Davin Waite of Bull Taco and Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub

One set of rules that I never break are the basics—purchase the best, care for ingredients properly, and surround myself with top-notch team members in order to provide an amazing experience. Every other rule is fair game for breaking, including the name of the restaurant. Who in their right mind would name a restaurant “Wrench and Rodent”? As far as that concept goes, we feel that if you create your own niche, then you get to make your own rules.

Pastry Chef Jeff Bonilla of Urban Solace, Sea & Smoke, and Solace and the moonlight lounge

To be honest, I don't really break the rules. I have checklists and guidelines for proper functionality in the back of the house. If I “break rules,” it's more in the realm of using flavors and ingredients that most people assume don't work together. But that's what I use to create completely new dishes!

Chef J.C. Colon of Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge

Whenever you're cooking, you should always have dry towels on hand to grab pans and such. One time, unfortunately, I used a semi-wet towel to grab a sauté pan out of the oven that was cooking a pork chop. When the towel started to steam, I realized it could only be my hand or the pork. Needless to say, the pork chop made it to the plate fine but my hand didn't fare so well.